Development of employees thanks coaching as a leadership skill

Successful coaching of employees

With Coaching in a Box for Lead ers, we have focused on applying tools as well as methods from professional business coaching to the role of the leader.

The coaching box briefly explained

This box was compiled by leading professionals from business coaching and leadership experts.

Coaching box at a glance

Developing employees

The role of a manager includes encouraging, challenging and developing employees so that they can develop their potential and skills. The use of coaching tools is particularly effective for this exciting task.


The use of coaching tools in the leadership role can be trained and has proven to be an effective development measure. With Coaching in a Box for Leaders does this particularly well. Coaching as a leadership skill.

The enclosed booklet describes in detail how to use this coaching box successfully. The process-oriented application is described step by step and is easy to use thanks to the additional material.

In addition, an exclusive collection of question cards for coaches, consultants and leaders is included. Ask the right questions at the appropriate moment.

The included process cards also explain what should ideally be done for each phase of the coaching process

The use of the coaching box can also be learned and consolidated digitally. Free online access for eLearning is also included!

Our experts for your coaching training

Our Expert:inside for Coaching and Leadership accompanies you or your managers in the application of coaching skills for leaders. For companies we offer education, training and expert support in the framework of a 2-day workshop.

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Marco Petoia, together with his team, developed Coaching in a Box for Leaders. Learn more about Marco here.

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