Conflict management – Mastering conflicts in a team as a Leader

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See conflicts as an opportunity. Deal confidently with conflicts in your team and improve your team’s conflict resilience.

Mastering conflicts in a team as a Leader.



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Discover the mechanisms of conflict and familiarize yourself with tools for proactive de-escalation. Find out which skills will help you to overcome conflicts and create a conflict-proof team culture. Now nothing stands in the way of you and your team! As a Leader, manage the conflicts in your team.

Contents of the eLearning:

  • Introduction to the basics of conflict management
  • Course of conflicts and conflict resolution process
  • My personal ability to deal with conflict
  • Dealing with conflicts as a Leader
  • Conflict resistance in organizations
  • Special topics: Bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination

In this eLearning, we also offer a variety of learning videos, various templates to download, self-tests, quizzes and much more.


  • You are able to describe how your own personality develops thanks to conflicts and how your own awareness of how to deal with conflicts is heightened.
  • You understand that conflicts can contribute to the development of the team and working relationships.
  • Because of your role, you are aware that active conflict management is an important and necessary management task.
  • You apply conflict analysis in your leadership role and derive suitable conflict resolution strategies from this.
  • You know the legal provisions on bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace and can take preventive measures and take organizational guidelines into account.


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