HBDI Thinking Style Analysis – Basic Test digital

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Capture your basic thinking profile in digital form with the HBDI Thinking Style Analysis.

This allows you to record your preferred thinking styles in the Whole Brain Thinking model.



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Capture your basic thinking profile with the HBDI thinking style analysis in digital form.

The HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) thinking style analysis is an instrument developed to determine an individual’s thinking preferences. It is based on brain research and was developed by Ned Herrmann, a pioneer in the fields of brain research and thinking style theory.

The whole brain model is not based on localization theory; it merely uses brain architecture as a metaphor. Metaphorical in this sense means that a direct connection between thinking preferences on the one hand and biological brain functions on the other is not intended and is not established.

In the whole brain model, the different thinking styles are represented in four quadrants:

  • Quadrant blue: The rational ego with a rational, logical, analytical thinking preference.
  • Quadrant yellow: The organizational ego with the structured and organized, detailed thinking style.
  • Quadrant red: The feeling ego, whose thinking style is emotional, compassionate, communicative.
  • Quadrant green: The experimental ego, characterized by conceptual, imaginative, holistic thinking.

Each person has a different combination of these four different egos.

We deliberately offer the basic test for a symbolic amount. In the evaluation you will learn more about the meaning of the colors and your result.

Like all our digital tools, this tool is automatically available in German, English, French and Italian.


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