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Our self-perception and external perception analysis tool offers you valuable insights by comparing your own perception with the perception of your personal environment.



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Get to know yourself from new perspectives with our self-image and external image analysis tool. Explore your own perceptions compared to the perceptions of those around you.

Self-image and external image analysis with our digital tool

You will digitally capture and analyze your self-image using a series of statements. These statements refer to different aspects of your personality, skills, and behaviors. Get valuable insights about your own perception, about your self-image.
Afterwards you have the possibility to invite people from your environment. These are people from your professional and private environment of your choice. These people anonymously record their external image of you.
You will then receive your personal evaluation with a comparison of your self-image (self-perception) and external image. An in-depth comparison of the received external images (external perception) with the self-perception.

Check out the images to learn more about the digital self-image and other-image analysis tool.

Be curious about how you affect others and what they appreciate you for most.

The tool is available in four languages. German, English, French, Italian.


  • You gain valuable insights into your impact and personality.
  • You compare your personal perception (self-perception) with the perception of people around you (external perception).
  • You uncover blind spots and find out what strengths are valued in you.
  • You consciously and critically deal with your self-image and the image of others and thus increase your self-knowledge.

Target group:

  • All people who are interested in their personal development and want to learn more about themselves (increase self-knowledge).
  • Managers who want to reflect on their impact and thus improve their leadership behavior.
  • Students and graduates who want to work on their self-knowledge.

The self-image/other-image concept refers to the study of perceptual differences between how a person sees him or herself (self-image) and how other people perceive him or her (other-image). In leadership research it is often used to compare the self-assessment of managers with the perception of their employees or colleagues.

Self-image encompasses a person’s individual view of themselves based on experiences, self-assessments, and beliefs. The external image refers to the perception of others about the same person.


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