Analyze leadership behavior and your leadership style

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Analyze your leadership behavior / style with our digital tool.

How do you really lead? How does your leadership affect your employees?

Find out with our test!



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Analyze your leadership behavior and style with our digital test.

With the digital tool you test your leadership behavior and create your personal profile on your leadership behavior or leadership style. The analysis of your leadership behavior offers you the opportunity to reflect on your leadership behavior and to develop yourself further. Become a successful and balanced leader.

Learn how you really lead. Recognize how your leadership affects your employees.

The test is used for self-assessment, is scientifically proven and based on the well-known two-dimensional leadership style model of Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid. The test includes 81 possible combinations of leadership styles and identifies five main styles. The explanations of the test can be viewed in the evaluation procedure.

From real leadership professionals.

Like all our digital tools, this tool is automatically available in German, English, French and Italian.

The term leadership style describes the fundamental behavior of Leaders towards their employees. When Leaders and their leadership behavior are compared in detail, a specific leadership behavior or style can be derived. A leader can act fairly and empathetically or display authoritarian and moody behavior.


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