ego states – egogram – transactional analysis – digital self-testing

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Analysis of ego states, egogram according to transactional analysis. With our digital tool you analyze your ego states and can better understand why you are the way you are.



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Digital tool for the analysis of your ego states (egogram) Transactional Analysis according to Erice Berne.

What is transactional analysis?
Transactional analysis (TA) is a psychological theory and therapeutic method developed by Eric Berne in the. It aims to improve the understanding of interpersonal relationships and personal development. TA looks at human behavior and communication through the analysis of “transactions,” which are the interactions between individuals.

What is the analysis of ego states – egogram?
Ego states are a central building block of transactional analysis. With their help, you can understand why you are the way you are. They consist of the combination of thinking, feeling and behavior. TA distinguishes three states: parent ego, adult ego, and child ego:

Each of these states represents different thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors.

Why should I use the instrument?
In interpersonal interactions, “transactions” take place in which individuals send and receive messages in a particular state (parent, adult, or child). Conflicts and misunderstandings can arise when the levels of the people involved do not correspond.

Knowing what ego state you and the other person are in can help you respond more appropriately to a situation. Or, to take action yourself and move to a different state.

What can be my added value?

  • Better self-understanding: TA helps to better understand oneself and one’s own way of thinking, emotions and behavior patterns. By analyzing the different personality states / ego states (parent, adult, child) you can be more aware of your reactions and decisions.
  • More effective communication: TA offers insights into the dynamics of communication and interaction. You can learn to communicate more clearly and effectively by understanding how different states interact with each other and how to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Improved interpersonal relationships: By understanding TA, you can better identify and resolve conflicts in relationships. You can also learn how to react appropriately and respond to others in different situations.
  • Self-development and personal growth: TA provides tools to identify and change unhealthy behavior patterns. This can lead to personal growth and the development of one’s own potential.
  • Leadership and management: In professional contexts, TA can help managers better understand and communicate effectively with their employees. This can lead to a positive work environment and improved collaboration.
  • Conflict Resolution: TA offers approaches to resolving conflict by helping to identify and understand underlying emotional states and thought patterns.
  • Change management: TA can be useful in change processes in organizations by helping to overcome resistance and facilitating adaptation to new situations.
  • Self-regulation and emotional intelligence: TA promotes the ability to recognize and respond appropriately to emotions. This can lead to improved emotional intelligence.
  • Stress Management: By identifying destructive thought patterns and behaviors, TA can help you better manage stressful situations and develop healthier coping strategies.
  • Personal change: TA provides a framework to set goals, strive for change, and promote continuous personal development.

So the added value of Transactional Analysis is that you have a tool to act more consciously and effectively in interpersonal relationships, to resolve conflicts, to understand yourself better and to promote personal growth.


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