360 degree feedback manager, line organization – digital

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The digital 360-degree feedback for you as a manager from your employees, superiors, customers and many more.
Your tool for reflection and professional growth as a leader.



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Are you a manager / leader in a line or matrix organization and would like to receive digital 360-degree feedback?

With the digital tool, you can invite your (professional) environment to give you 360-degree feedback digitally. Do you work in an international organization? No problem, our tools are available in four languages (German, French, Italian, English) and can be selected individually.

Create groups for easier evaluation, e.g. groups of employees, peers, various locations, customers or partners and many more.

You receive the digital results collected in your dashboard and can compare the answers to individual questions. Differences between the individual groups can also be mapped.

The test is used to obtain feedback and is scientifically proven. Many years of experience in leadership development and coaching have been incorporated here. The explanations of the test can be viewed in the evaluation procedure.


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