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Inner Drivers Transactional Analysis digital test

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Analysis of the Inner Drivers according to Transactional Analysis. With our digital tool you can analyze your inner drivers as well as stressors and better understand why you react to what and how.



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Digital tool for analyzing your Inner Drivers – Transactional Analysis by Erice Berne.

What is Inner Driver Analysis?
T. Kahler developed the model of “Inner Drivers” on the basis of transactional analysis according to Eric Berne. Kahler identified five general drivers. Drivers are internalized beliefs that we developed early in childhood that shape how we think, feel and act. They worked then just as they still do today. The drivers are “Be perfect!”, “Be fast, hurry up!”, “Try hard!”, “Please everyone”, “Be strong!”.

Why should I use the instrument?
In the evaluation you can see how strong your five inner drivers are at the time of the test. The drivers that show up as particularly pronounced in the test can lead to stress or exhaustion if they are felt and lived intensively often and in different contexts (work, family, leisure).
The analysis of inner drivers is particularly revealing for personal stress management and self-leadership.

What is transactional analysis?
Transactional analysis (TA) is a psychological theory and therapeutic method developed by Eric Berne. It aims to improve the understanding of interpersonal relationships and personal development. TA looks at human behavior and communication through the analysis of “transactions,” which are the interactions between individuals. Kahler’s concept of inner drivers builds on Berne’s transactional analysis.

What can be my added value?

  • Better self-understanding and self-acceptance: the analysis allows to understand oneself better by revealing the deep-rooted behavioral patterns that often run unconsciously. By recognizing that these patterns often originated in childhood, you can accept yourself and understand why you react in certain ways.
  • Personal behavior change: By becoming aware of inner drivers, unhealthy or unproductive behaviors can be identified and changed in a targeted manner.
  • Relationship skills: understanding your own inner drivers can help improve interpersonal relationships, as you can better understand the patterns and motivations of those around you.
  • Stress management: by recognizing your own inner drivers, you can better identify sources of stress and learn to use healthier coping strategies.
  • Development: Analysis promotes personal growth by providing the opportunity to break free from limiting patterns of behavior and develop a broader range of possible actions.

So the added value of analyzing your inner drivers is that you have a tool to act more consciously and effectively in interpersonal relationships, to resolve conflicts, to understand yourself better and to promote personal growth. It offers you the opportunity for self-reflection, personal development and improvement of quality of life.

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